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JSciRes CfPs: Special issue on Quantitative, Network-theoretic and Altmetric Analysis of Scholarly Big Data

                Journal of Scientometric Research

Special issue on Quantitative, Network-theoretic and Altmetric Analysis of
Scholarly Big Data

*Call for Papers*
In the modern connected world full of digital information and scholarly
content, identifying the most relevant resources has become a challenge. A
researcher, irrespective of his/her discipline of knowledge, now has to
depend on online portals, digital libraries and electronic repositories for
finding scientific articles in an area and also reporting research results.
However, academic search is still provided largely by various search
engines, where they treat the task of scholarly article search as a web
search problem. In this process, the bibliometric information and
associated metadata of scholarly articles is often ignored completely.
This special issue aims to report research results and advances in the
area, viewed from different perspectives (such as Computer Science,
Informatics, Bibliometrics, Scientometrics and Science & Technology
Studies). There are clear applications of Scientometrics to Information
Retrieval and vice versa. Applying Scientometrics to Information Retrieval
process helps in improving the Information Retrieval results, particularly
in Scholarly articles domain, a theme now pursued under the title of
Bibliometric Enhanced Information retrieval. Similarly, ideas from Text
Analytics and Language Processing can help in developing newer models of
Scientometric evaluations and characterizations. Altmetrics, the emerging
alternative metrics, are another important area of research having impact
on the way scholarly data is processed. Network-theoretic approaches
contribute to understanding of the area as well.
Submissions to the special issue are open to researchers from any part of
the world. The special issue will mainly draw extended papers from the
Indo-German Workshop on Information Retrieval, Informetrics and
Scientometrics to be held during 11-13 June 2019 at Cologne, Germany.
However, special issue is also open to submissions on the topics covered in
the workshop from other authors as well. Authors are solicited to submit
articles reporting research results, conceptual advances and experimental
studies, describing significant advances in Information Retrieval,
Informetrics and Scientometrics. Papers that describe concepts and ideas on
the broad intersection of Information Retrieval, Scientometrics, Applied
Informetrics and Altmetrics are welcome. The journal allows different kinds
of submissions ranging from Research Articles & Perspective Papers to
Commentary and Scientific Correspondence. Please see for more details.
An indicative (but non-exhaustive) list of topics is as below:

- Academic Databases: Structures, Coverage, Subject Classification,
Journal Metrics, Journal Rankings and Categorization, Databases and
Libraries, Electronic Repositories, Data infrastructure for research
- Altmetrics: Theory and Relevance of alternative metrics, Social media
and alternative metrics, Scientific Vs. Public Attention, Country Specific
Studies, Disciplinary Differences, Platforms and aggregators.
- Collaboration Networks: Authorship Networks, Co-authorship and
Collaboration patterns, International Collaboration, Mobility and
Internationalization, Community Detection.
- Citation Studies: Citation Impact, Co-citation analysis, Citation
Networks, Studies on Highly Cited Papers.
- Indicators and Performance Metrics: Bibliometric Indicators, Impact
Measures, Metrics for performance assessment of Individuals and journal
impact, Use and Abuse of Indicators.
- Text-based Methods: Identifying Themes and Trends, Topic Modeling,
Burst Detection, Keyphrase Identification.
- Mapping and Visualization: Visualization Tools and Techniques,
Visualizing Intellectual Structures of Disciplines, Co-variates and
Graphical Visualizations.


- Articles can be submitted through online submission system by logging
in the article submission system at:
- New users need to register first by signing up as an author.
- Please visit
- Detailed instructions for Authors can be found at:
- *NOTE* : Kindly select – *Special Issue - Quantitative,
Network-theoretic and Altmetric Analysis of Scholarly Big Data* while
submitting article via


- Paper Submissions By: 31st Aug. 2019
- Acceptance Notification: 15th Oct. 2019
- Revised Submission: 15th Nov. 2019
- Final Acceptance Notification: 15th Dec. 2019
- Camera Ready Submission: 30th Dec. 2019
- Online Edition (expected): March 2020

*Editors-Special Issue*

- Vivek Singh, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India,
- Philipp Mayr, GESIS Leibniz Institute of Social Sciences, Cologne,

*Associate Editors-Special Issue*

- Aparna Basu, Formerly at CSIR-NISTADS, New Delhi, India.
- Sumit Banshal, South Asian University, New Delhi, India.

*Further Details

*Dr. Sujit Bhattacharya*
*Editor-in-Chief*, *Journal of Scientometric Research*
Listed in *Emerging Sources Citation Index*:
n Official Publication of Phcog.Net
Professor AcSIR| Academy of Scientific Research & Innovation
Chief Scientist (CSIR-NISTADS)
Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg, Pusa Campus, New Delhi-110012, INDIA
Landline: +91-11-25843024 | Mobile: +91-9999020157
*Twitter*: @JSCIRES
*Google Scholar Profile:*
*Online manuscript submission*:

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