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EASST is looking for the new EASST Review Editor/s – Apply!

The EASST Review is the quarterly of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST). Since its creation in 1982, the EASST Review has played a crucial role in the constitution of the field of science and technology studies in Europe and beyond. As a community-building knowledge infrastructure, the EASST Review has provided a heterogeneous space for learning about each other, debating about matters of common concern, and experimenting with other forms of writing. You can visit it online here:

In the last five years, the EASST Review has only begun to feature the work and stories of STS groups and/or departments based in Europe (section STS Multiple), tell the stories of different STS-related publication outlets (section Cherish, not Perish), stage debates about pressing political issues (section STS Live), as well as publish reports from STS and EASST-funded events in Europe and around the world. Currently, the Review comes out in January, April, July and September both as an online publication and in a downloadable PDF version. One important challenge for the EASST Review in the future is evolve its digital infrastructures, presence and identity. 

EASST Council is looking to appoint an editor or editorial team for the next four years. This honorary position is supported by an editorial board (to be renewed in conversation with the new editor), an editorial assistant and a graphic designer. The holder of this position becomes automatically a co-opted member of the EASST council. 

The main tasks of the editor/editorial team include:

  • Reaching out and communicating to potential authors of contributions to the different sections
  • Reviewing and copy-editing submitted contributions
  • Coordinating with EASST Council the publication of EASST announcements, reports on EASST-funded events, as well as reports on EASST biannual conferences
  • Coordinating and managing the publication process.
  • Participating and reporting about the EASST Review in the EASST Council meetings occurring twice a year throughout Europe.

If you are interested in becoming the new Editor/s of EASST Review, please submit an ‘expression of interest’ by January 10, 2020to the following email: Your expression of interest should include a CV (including a list of your participation in EASST related activities), as well as a one-page statement delineating your vision for the EASST Review.

Current EASST Review

EASST Review: Volume 39(2) November 2020


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Reflections on the Prague Conference: Much more than a successful coronavirus rescue operation by Torben Elgaard Jensen

The Anthropocene, COVID-19 and ontology: some reflections following the EASST/4S 2020 online conference by António Carvalho

Presenting a ‘virtual’ paper in a ‘virtual’ conference: adapting to the challenges posed by a pandemic by Denis Fischbacher-Smith

On (not) feeling virtual vibes: An academic mother’s EASST/4S online conference experience by Susanne Koch

A digital conference as a digital object How EASST/4S went online with success and some liveness and accessibility challenges by Nils Matzner

A Question of Sport: Opening a New Research Agenda in Science and Technology Studies by Michiel Van Oudheusden, Gian Marco Campagnolo

Understanding post-truth times to navigate the Anthropocene: An interview with Michael Kilburn by Meghie Rodrigues

Learning while doing: engagements and interactions during a virtual conference by Dani Shanley

Knitting unruly kinships through design, a world-making assemblage by Burak Taşdizen

Transplanetary Ecologies: A New Chapter in Social Studies of Outer Space? by Matjaz Vidmar

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News from the Council

Upcoming EASST elections by Ingmar Lippert

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