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Message posted on 29/11/2019

Call for 2 PhD Candidates, Pyrolife (ITN): "engaging communities at risk" and "inclusive risk communication"

Dear colleagues,

We’d like to share this call for candidates. Our research group, CareNet
, is part of Pyrolife
, an ITN project that funds the
training of 15 PhD candidates in Europe, on integrated wildfire management
from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The recruitment process is now open and at the UOC we have two vacancies
for doing research on Engaging communities at risk (PhD 14) and Inclusive
risk communication
(PhD 15). These are the details


We are especially interested in candidates with:

· Previous training in social sciences (sociology, anthropology,
social psychology, political sciences, social/cultural geography,
educational sciences, media studies...). Candidates with previous training
in environmental sciences willing to receive training in social sciences
are also encouraged to apply.

· Knowledge of the literature in the fields of political ecology,
environmental anthropology, disaster studies, and science and technology

· Previous experience/training in community engagement, ethnographic
research and/or participatory approaches.

· Previous experience, or interest in, working with groups considered
as most vulnerable in the event of a disaster (e.g. children, youth, women,
people with disabilities, elderly, migrants and indigenous communities).

This call requires international mobility: we are looking for candidates
that have not spent more than 12 months in Spain in the last 3 years
, and
that are willing to come to Barcelona to do their PhD. It's a fully funded
(with a quite good salary for living in Barcelona) that also
includes two secondments abroad and several training activities.

The project also seeks to foster gender equality and diversity within
wildfire research: so, we'd like to have female candidates and/or from
other minority groups in academia.

The PhDs will become part of both of our research group and the PyroLife

The deadline for applications is 13th December 2019.

Please circulate this call to anyone who might be interested. Thanks in

Israel Rodríguez Giralt
IN3 - Internet Interdisciplinary Institute
CareNet Research Group

Senior Researcher (+34) 934 505 495 / CUIDAR

@birrabel / @ProyectoCuidar
/ linkedin

Av. Carl Friedrich Gauss, 5
08860 Castelldefels (Barcelona)
facebook / @IN3_UOC
/ linkedin

[image: UOC R&I]

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