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Call for papers: The rise of AI society -workshop in Helsinki, organized by RN 24 of the European Sociological Association

                THE RISE OF AI SOCIETY
<br>MAY 28-29 2020; HELSINKI, FINLAND
<br>During the past few years, numerous countries and organizations have published
<br>dozens of policies and strategies regarding the development of artificial
<br>intelligence. The permeation of AI, machine learning and algorithmic thinking
<br>into an increasing number of facets of everyday life, from banking and
<br>medicine to transportation and law suggests that AI is becoming increasingly
<br>ubiquitous in society. For science and technology studies (STS) this provides
<br>a unique opportunity to study and understand social and technological change.
<br>Not least since the development of AI touches upon so many of the central
<br>themes within STS.
<br>This workshop invites presentations which examine the rise of AI in society
<br>and the consequences that is has in everyday life. Possible topics for
<br>presentation topics may include, but is not limited to:
<br>-          AI and governance
<br>-          Algorithmic culture
<br>-          AI and privacy/surveillance
<br>-          AI in different professions such as healthcare, law, and
<br>-          The design of AI systems
<br>-          AI at home
<br>-          Restructuring of activities for the application of AI, for example
<br>in a workplace
<br>-          The role of AI in organizational change
<br>-          Implications of AI in knowledge production
<br>-          Methodological approaches to study AI
<br>We invite contributions from researchers at all stages of the academic career,
<br>but we particularly encourage early career researchers to submit abstracts.
<br>Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words.
<br>Keynote speakers:
<br>Ilpo Heln (University of Eastern Finland): What do algorithms do? An approach
<br>for a sociology of datafication of health care.
<br>Francis Lee (Uppsala University): The Politics of Algorithms: The Challenge of
<br>AI, Big Data and Digitalization for Social Inquiry
<br>Abstract submission deadline is January 20, 2020.  Abstracts should be
<br>submitted to For
<br>further information please contact Aaro Tupasela (
<br>or Heta Tarkkala (
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