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Message posted on 12/01/2018

CFP - EASST 2018 CfP: Topologies of Race: bringing a touchy object in STS

                Dear colleagues,

We welcome paper contributions to our open panel: "Topologies of Race:
bringing a touchy object in STS"
at the EASST conference to be held in Lancaster from 25-28 July 2018.

With the best wishes for the new year,

Panel: Topologies of Race: bringing a touchy object in STS
Organisers: Amade Mcharek & Lisette Jong

Can STS be touched by race? Is it capable of taking an unruly yet utterly
political object onboard? And to what effect?

Although race has been tabooed in science ever since WWII, it never completely
disappeared (Lipphardt 2012; Bengham 2015). In the past decades, as an effect
of the growing role of the life sciences and its interest in difference, race
is more clearly resurfacing, roaring its head in both science and society.
Yet, and perhaps because of its political touchiness, race is an illusive and
slippery object. An absent presence (Law & Singleton 2004).
In this panel our aim is to bring into conversation various practices in which
race is shaped and made relevant. We hope to learn from the individual papers
about what race is made to be in different practices. While in the
conversations between them we also aim to explore how race is affecting STS.
The topological approach helps to not only attend to race as a spatial and
temporal configuration, but necessarily shifts our gaze to STS itself to
inquire the methods and concepts through which we come to know race. Can STS
deal with temporality? Is it capable of dealing with ghostly objects, such as
race? Is it well equipped to calmly study an over-politicized, a touchy
object? Can STS and race properly meet?

Prof. Dr. Amade Aouatef Mcharek|Anthropology of Science|PI RaceFaceID project
(ERC Consolidator grant)|Department of Anthropology|University of
Amsterdam|Nieuwe Achtergracht 166 |room C5.17|1018WV Amsterdam|the
Netherlands |
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